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USCG 2023 Random Rate for Marine Employers

The Coast Guard set the calendar year 2022 minimum drug testing rate at 50 percent of covered crewmembers.

The minimum random drug testing rate is effective January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023.

Note: As a member company of The Maritime Consortium, Inc., the 50 percent testing rate does not necessarily mean 1/2 of your crew will be tested in a given year.  All Maritime Members belong to a single, approximately 10,000 employee pool.  By regulation, the random selection process is blind to us.  Therefore, members of any given company may or may not be selected and an employee could be selected multiple times.  Your membership fees cover the costs of any/all randoms your employees may be selected for.

The Coast Guard requires marine employers to establish random drug testing programs for covered crewmembers on inspected and uninspected vessels. Every marine employer is required to collect and maintain a record of drug testing program data for each calendar year, and submit this data by March of the following year to the Coast Guard in an annual Management Information System report.

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