Providing Guaranteed Compliance with the coast guard's drug
testing regulation, with over 9000 members

Every commercial vessel that operates more than 2 hours from an open collection site capable of testing for alcohol and drugs is required to have an Alcohol Screening Device on board for each person who would normally be operating the vessel.  Also, any person involved in a Serious Marine Incident is required to be available for a drug test within 32 hours of the incident.  For the full rule, please see this Federal Register site, or this PDF. A summary is contained below:

When did this come about and does it affect smaller vessels?

The applicable law was passed by Congress in 1998.  The above links provide background on the regulation. The statute requiring that alcohol testing be conducted within 2 hours of an SMI, 46 U.S.C. 2303a, does not provide for an exemption based on the number of crew or the crew's safety history. The rule does allow relatively inexpensive Alcohol Screening Devices (ASDs) to be used provided the proper procedures are taken.

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Coast Guard Crackdown Details

The Coast Guard's Directive to all licensed operators here.

 Can I use my usual collection site?

Yes, if it is open within the 32 hour time constraint.  If you need an alternative site for a drug screen, Maritime has made provisions for you to obtain an alternate site via a 24/7 hotline provided you've purchased M-PAK®(s). 

What paperwork is required following an SMI?

Coast Guard forms 2692 and 2692b must be completed for the alcohol test and the Chain of Custody form must be filled out for the drug test.  There must also be instructions for using the alcohol sensing device and general instructions on what to do following an SMI, all of which are provided in the M-PAK®.

How to comply?

Maritime now offers its members a M-PAK® to guarantee full compliance with this rule.  It comprises:

Check The needed DOT approved alcohol testing device (ASD), with instructions for its use
Check A Chain of Custody (COC) form for the drug test, which includes a full Coast Guard compliant drug test and collection at no fee, provided directions are followed.
Check Post-accident instructions including needed Federal Forms from the Coast Guard with the updates to provide the alcohol test results.
Check The Coast Guard's requirement for training on the alcohol screening device's use is met with a Maritime developed one page Fact Sheet summary.
Check The M-PAK® contains the above referenced in a waterproof and tearproof envelope uniquely suitable for the marine environment.

You can order one for each of your crewmembers on our shipstore order form.

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